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Yorkshire Water

“You will not receive a reply…”
Charles Haysom, Director of Service Delivery, Yorkshire Water, 21 May 2015

Yorkshire Water 2015

Yorkshire Water, Director of Service Delivery, Charles Haysom. Letter to Simon Thackray, May 2015

Mr Haysom (Director of Service Non-Delivery, Yorkshire Water), despite saying that your “colleagues have reviewed the site and have also made contact with the Environment Agency to discuss this further”, NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE to correct the situation.

Yorkshire Water is continuing to release fresh water condoms, used sanitary towels and other detritus into the River Seven which, in turn, is flowing into the River Rye and the River Derwent, only to be caught in bushes under Derwent Bridge, Malton. Visitors to Ryedale please note! A warm latex rubber welcome to North Yorkshire awaits you!

So far, the EA has replied saying that it is asking Yorkshire Water (you) what has happened. Is it me, or is this a self-regulating wheel of fortune powered by a water vole?

From Justin Jones, Environment Officer – Derwent, Esk & Hull, 20 April 2015:

“Dear Mr. Thackray, Thank you for taking the time to report the above incident. Yorkshire Water are aware of this report, and I am expecting information from them soon – I have been left a message but as yet have been unable to speak to the Yorkshire Water representative that has tried to contact me. Once I have spoken with them and determined the cause of this and discussed possible solutions, I will contact you again with a further update. Regards, Justin Jones.”

Any news just in, Justin?

Mr Haysom, you have got your facts wrong, Sir. No one from Yorkshire Water, or the Environment Agency, has yet informed me of any outcome regarding the Yorkshire Water pollution incident Ref: 1329302, despite my correspondence with the EA and Yorkshire Water, the IDB and others over a month ago.

Yorkshire Water: “Taking responsibility for the water environment for good’. (Only joking lads!!)

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