Simon Thackray

I am your only TRULY INDEPENDENT candidate standing for election in the Helmsley & Sinnington Division of the new North Yorkshire Council. I will represent you and YOUR INTERESTS on the new North Yorkshire Council – not just the interests of the Tory Machine.

Simon Thackray – the ONLY TRULY INDEPENDENT candidate for Helmsley and Sinnington.

Welcome to my very basic campaign website. This is a brief introduction to who I am, and offered here as antidote to my rival election candidates’ boasts and claims and promises of their undying love for you. I am your locally born, locally living, and locally working, candidate for the Helmsley & Sinnington Division (Ward) on the new North Yorkshire Council.

Beyond the outpouring of affection for our district displayed by my fellow candidates, I am the real deal. I am your ONLY TRULY INDEPENDENT candidate, despite the woolly promises of the Tory wolves in sheep’s clothing. I am not the puppet of any political party (or council), and I have not been parachuted into North Yorkshire in a desperate scramble to secure a Conservative stranglehold on North Yorkshire Council. I am not a part of the PARTY party.

I currently represent the people of the Sinnington Ward on Ryedale District Council. I am a member of the Ryedale District Council Planning Committee and the Ryedale Local Plan Working Group. I am also the Elected Member Representative of the Ryedale District Council, Malton Air Quality Steering Group. I try my best to see both sides of any argument and I stick up for my constituents when I think they are being unfairly treated. Please vote for me to represent you on the new North Yorkshire Council. If you want the same old, same old, I am not your man. If you want someone with fresh ideas who is not afraid to say what he thinks, vote me in!

I will not cut down forests to wallpaper your house will election leaflets and questionnaires and surveys. I will simply do my best to represent your interests. I have a good idea what is needed in our district. I have lived in Brawby for over 50 years and I know our area like the back of my hand. I stick to my guns and I am not afraid to ask difficult questions or speak out when necessary.

You are being asked to choose between several candidates – some promising miracles of many kinds. I offer no magic tricks or slight of hand. I am a local family man, with local knowledge who will put YOUR interests first – not the interests of the TORY MACHINE. I have my own views on local planning policy (based on local knowledge), tourism, agriculture, local services and roads and public transport. There is a huge amount to be done to right the wrongs of the Conservative controlled North Yorkshire County Council. Please vote for me on 5th May.

Read Simon’s short work-related biography here:

Point to a pothole today! If you are lucky enough to receive a Con. candidate flier, you will spot each appointed candidate pointing to a pothole. What they are actually showing you is the result of the years of neglect of the CONSERVATIVE led North Yorkshire County Council. Potholes in our country roads are a CONSERVATIVE led North Yorkshire Highways speciality. See Channel Four News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy in Brawby watching Simon road-test ‘Potty’ – the 100% organic, vegetarian, reliable alternative to North Yorkshire Highways ‘bird dropping pothole filler’.

Channel 4 News Presenter KRISHNAN GURU-MURTHY watches SIMON THACKRAY in Brawby, Ryedale, North Yorkshire, road-testing ‘Potty’ – the new pothole putty compound invented by Simon to cure North Yorkshire highways of the scourge of potholes.

Report a pothole online:

See Ryedale District Council’s Cllr. Mike Potter (Liberal) viewing a fresh crop of pothole circles. Paint your own potholes! All you need is a brush and blob of paint. “I’ll second that emulsion.” (to quote the late Hovis Presley)

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