Yorkshire Post

Letter to the Editor, 5 March 2022

In the letter below (published in the Yorkshire Post and Ryedale Gazette & Herald), I express my views about the impact of the current Ryedale Local Plan (adopted in September 2013) on housing provision in our small Ryedale villages. I highlight the threat of over-development of our so-called ‘Service Villages’ posed by the current Plan, which, if not revised, threatens to destroy the character of our larger villages and, simultaneously starve our smallest communities of the new life they need to both survive and thrive. There is much more to be said on this subject but the letter below is one place to start.

I am the Elected Member for the Sinnington Ward of Ryedale District Council and a member of the Ryedale Local Plan Working Party. I will do my very best to bring about changes the Ryedale Plan to protect our larger villages from over-development and also to enable a proportionate amount of new, small scale, housing in our small (other) villages. A sensitive and fair and proportionate amount of new housing is needed across all Ryedale villages in order to revitalise and protect our smallest rural communities. Occupancy Conditions must be scrapped. They are blocking much needed small-scale development and undermining the sustainability of our small communities.

Yorkshire Post letter from Simon Thackray 5 March 2022