Ryedale NO2 RAW data 2014 – 2018

NEWS: Read my email, dated 18 May 2019, to Cllr. Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Transport for North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC), in response to the NYCC consultation into the proposed 7.5 tonne HGV weight restriction on Norton level crossing. A potentially unlawful, sloppy, consultation that expressly fails to present the public with critical information about changes in air quality with which to make an informed decision! Read my email here!

NO2 Raw data 2014 – 2018:

The screenshots on this page use data publicly available on the Ryedale District Council website. The numbers represent Nitrogen Dioxide concentrations (RAW data) recorded monthly at the various town centre, and out of town, locations, including the Malton AQMA. With the exception of the 2018 figures below (which have not yet been published), I have compiled this information using the council’s Air Quality Status Reports and Update and Screening Assessments. A map of the specific monitoring site locations is available on the RDC website (included with each report). If you use any of the data reproduced here, please satisfy yourself about the accuracy of it. Verify my figures using the RDC report data. There are a lot of entries (!) and some errors may have crept into my typing! NB: I have calculated the approximate percentage increases / decreases at certain monitoring locations for my own interest.

Compare the above data with the report produced by Paul Hunt of RDC in 2016 which assessed the impact of the HGV (HCV) restriction over Norton level crossing on traffic volumes and NO2. The RDC report compared the impact of a 7.5 tonne restriction with an 18 tonne restriction and was used jointly by RDC and NYCC in their decision making process.

Report by Ryedale District Council (Feb. 2016) HCV restriction over Norton level crossing.

The table below shows the predicted impact of the HGV (HCV) restriction on traffic numbers on key roads in Malton and Norton. The formula used in this table was supplied by North Yorkshire County Council and predicts an increase in cars for every HGV removed from the network. Read the whole document and compare its findings with the original promises made by RDC and NYCC relating to the £6million pounds Brambling Fields junction upgrade scheme. n

Where is the 33% reduction in traffic passing through Butcher Corner, Malton, we were promised?

Predicted impacts on traffic in Malton of HCV restriction
Don’t take my word for it – read the report!

Report by Ryedale District Council (Feb. 2016) HCV restriction over Norton level crossing.